Digital Dictation explained

A warm welcome to all visitors. This site has been put together as a useful resource to anyone interested in medical dictation, medical transcription, legal dictation and transcription, as well being helpful for surveyors and financial service based companies, in fact anyone who uses a dictaphone in their work.

With analogue or tape based systems becoming obsolete, many people that are looking at replacing their dictaphones are finding that digital dictation is more affordable. However there are not many online stores that tell you why you should go digital, so this site will help you to understand better the benefits of using digital dictation and transcription.

I have split this up into sections: benefits, hardware, software, transcription and how does it all work?

To find out where to buy digital dictation follow this link.

To see the benefits of using digital dictation follow this link.

To find out how it all works follow this link.

Digital dictation is not to be confused with Speech Recognition. With digital dictation the voice is recorded in a digital format in order to send on, either to a secretary to listen to or a speech recognition engine for typing.

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